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Reduce software development efforts, lower maintenance costs and achieve faster time-to-market with Binsalmeen Assurance Services.

Binsalmeen Testing Services are backed by a strong legacy of testing expertise and endorsed for its wide range of testing services spectrum, quality of resources, wider delivery capabilities and strongly recognized as a sound choice for its customers by leading analysts. We offer business transformation through IP driven differentiated service mix aligned to emerging trends.

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Software Quality Assurance Attributes

Following factors are used to measure software development quality. Each attribute can be used to measure the product performance. These attributes can be used for Quality assurance as well as Quality control.


Measure if product is reliable enough to sustain in any condition. Should give consistently correct results. Product reliability is measured in terms of working of project under different working environment and different conditions.


Different versions of the product should be easy to maintain. For development its should be easy to add code to existing system, should be easy to upgrade for new features and new technologies time to time. Maintenance should be cost effective and easy.


This can be measured in terms of ease of use. Application should be user friendly. Should be easy to learn. Navigation should be simple.


This can be measured in terms of Costing issues related to porting, Technical issues related to porting, Behavioral issues related to porting.


Application should be correct in terms of its functionality, calculations used internally and the navigation should be correct. This means application should adhere to functional requirements.


To Major system quality attribute. Measured in terms of time required to complete any task given to the system. For example system should utilize processor capacity, disk space and memory efficiently.

Integrity or security

Integrity comes with security. System integrity or security should be sufficient to prevent unauthorized access to system functions, preventing information loss, ensure that the software is protected from virus infection, and protecting the privacy of data entered into the system.


Software reuse is a good cost efficient and time saving development way. Different code libraries classes should be generic enough to use easily in different application modules.


Interoperability of one system to another should be easy for product to exchange data or services with other systems.

Key Services

Life-Cycle Testing

Traditional services including Functional, Regression, Non-Functional, Test Automation and other types and levels of testing across the life-cycle.

Industrialized Testing

Test asset optimization and large-scale test automation services through Test Factory and Shared Services Models leveraging home grown IP based solutions and ASQ tool vendor partnerships.

Specialized Testing

Testing of Mobile Applications, Packaged Applications and technology centric test services such as BI / DW, SOA, and others leveraging technology point solutions, frameworks and tailored methodologies and approaches.

Test Consulting

Thought leadership through transformational services to objectively trigger a quality engineering mechanism aimed at continuous improvement in the testing process and service delivery capability.

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